Book Tag | This or That

Hello everybody! Today I’m coming to you with a book tag! Since I started this book blog a few months ago, I thought it would be a good idea to post a book tag, to kind of introduce myself as a reader. I wasn’t tagged by anyone but I saw this tag over on book bastion at I used to watch a lot of book tags on youtube, I still do actually, and I was so excited to see it here on wordpress as well so I thought that it will be fun to answer these questions myself.

1. Reading on the Bed or the Couch?

Definitely on the bed, I spend most of my time there when I am at home because it is comfier than the couch! Ever since the beginning of my reading journey, I’ve always preferred reading in bed, and I don’t think it will change in the future.


2. Male Main Character or Female Main Character?

Female main character, I like reading about female protagonists just because I feel like I can connect with them better than I can connect with male protagonists. But that doesn’t mean that I dislike male protagonists, I just tend to reach out for books with female main characters more.

3. Sweet Snacks or salty snacks while reading?

I don’t have a definite answer to this one, because it really depends on my mood. I usually don’t snack while reading because it can be difficult to do so but I do love drinking tea while reading!


4. Trilogies or Quartets?

I’d say trilogies just because I feel like sometimes quartets can sometimes be forced, like the story will be dragged and prolonged just for the forth book if that makes sense. But if done well, I wouldn’t mind reading a quartet.

5. Reading First Person or Third Person POV?

Definitely first person, I have the fondness for reading books that exhibits the protagonist emotions, and how he/she is experiencing certain events. I love this especially in mystery novels, because you only get one perspective which is from the main protagonists and I feel like that adds so much mystery to the story!

6. Reading at Night or in the Morning?

I can honestly read anywhere, everywhere, and anytime. But because I am more busy in the morning as I have work, I read mostly at nights, I do try to squeeze some reading time in the morning if I can.


7. Libraries or Bookstores?

I’d have to go with bookstores with this one, just because I feel like there isn’t a proper library here where I live. Apart from that, it is not very accessible from my house, the bookstores are always nearer to me, which is why the only option for me is to buy books.

8. Books that Make you Cry or Laugh?

I always say that I don’t like sad books, but I tend to enjoy them better because I get more invested in the story when it’s full of emotion. Even when I cry so easily over them..


9. Black Book Cover or White Book Covers? 

Definitely black book covers, it doesn’t get dirty easily. And I’ve always preferred black over white anyways.

10. Character Driven or Plot Driven?

I’d go with plot driven books, I can read a book with an extremely dislikable character as long as it has a very good plot. Of course the key to an excellent novel is the balance of both, but if I had to choose one I’d definitely go with the plot.



I hope you guys like these kinds of post from me, and I hope that you learned more about me as a reader. I will tag everyone who read this post! I hope you have fun as much as I did answering all these questions! Have a great week ahead!




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